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And then three weeks went by…

Well haven’t I been a delinquent blogger! I haven’t posted anything since I broke my November daily blogging streak. So there’s lots to catch up on!

Final days of #beaststreak

It was really anti-climactic doing the last three runs of a month-long run streak on a hotel treadmill all alone. I had so many great and rewarding runs during the month of November, but those were just strictly get’er done runs. Luckily Pippa made me a banner.


My trip to Las Vegas was a huge amount of fun, and a very excellent way to cap off a crazy and amazing November. There was shopping, eating, drinking, lots of catching up. We stayed at the Stratosphere, which was okay, but waaaay down the end of the strip and really far away from everything else. We took a lot of cabs.

In keeping of the “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” tradition, no photos of our adventures, just this one of the strip late in the afternoon. (The Christmas decorations all started to come out after Thanksgiving on Thursday!)

Exploring Las Vegas

Exploring Las Vegas


After nailing all of my planned training runs in November and throwing in a whole bunch of extra runs, I have definitely been slacking a bit in December. I skipped my long run on December 1st (largely due to the fact that I traveled home from Vegas that day), but have done my other two long runs this month. I’ve made my hills sessions happen (even did last week’s on the treadmill!), but I’ve certainly missed/skipped a few of the others. I’m trying to get back on track this week so that I have some momentum going into Christmas.

24 Days of Christmas Karma

I’ve been trying to work these activities into my December. So far the items I’ve completed are:

4.  Go for a run without a watch, cellphone, music, no technology whatsoever! – I went technology-free on my hill run on December 4th.
7. Do a double run day – one in the am, one in the pm. – Last week I missed my opportunity to run on Tuesday, so I did Tuesday’s run and Wednesday’s hill workout on the same day! One before work, one after.
11. Donate something. – A book for our Christmas hamper.
14. Write a letter, postcard, and send it real mail, to whomever you choose. – I wrote all of my Christmas cards over the weekend and popped them in the mail Monday!
15. Read 1 book in December – Allegiant, Veronica Roth
18. Volunteer – Spark meetings x3! Part of me feels like it’s cheating to count Sparks because it’s not something I went out of my way to do this month, but just because I do it all the time doesn’t mean that it’s not special.
19. The age old pay it forward – Paid for a nice-looking young man’s coffee last Sunday on my way home from my run.
20. Reconnect with someone you’ve been meaning to – Check.

So that’s only 8/24, but I’m pretty pleased with my progress so far. I know there are some items on the list that won’t get completed before Christmas, but I’m not necessarily going for 100% completion. Every item I check off this list will make my December better!

Christmas shopping!

This gets its own category, because I’m actually doing pretty well this year. I’d say I’m 90% done shopping, and 85% done wrapping!

The beginnings of my gift wrapping!

The beginnings of my gift wrapping!

I’m counting down the days of work remaining!



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The post-camp letdown

You know when there’s a big event (or race) or deadline in your life and you spend a whole lot of time ignoring anything that’s happening after it because you just can’t deal with anything else? That’s how I always feel about Spark and Mom Camp. We’ve been working on the preparations since September and working more intensely on in it since about a month ago. For a little while everything else fell by the wayside. (Except running, thanks to Solana’s 3k-a-day challenge, aka the #beaststreak.)

Takes a lot of energy to be this animated all weekend!

Takes a lot of energy to be this animated all weekend!

Now that camp is over (apart from sorting out the financial stuff), I feel like I’m finally able to look forward to all the fun stuff that’s coming up in the next month and a bit.

Remainder of the running streak: now through November 30

Too many of my runs in the first half of this month felt like a chore. I mean, I enjoyed most of them once I was out there, but I look forward to look forward to running for the rest of the month!

Remainder of the blogging streak: now through November 30

I made a list of some of the things I wanted to write about this month, and many of them are still on the list. Lots of times I tried to sit down and write about them, but decided to write about something simpler instead.

Catching Fire: November 21

Yes, I’m pretty excited that the next Hunger Games movie comes out this week. I’ve got tickets to see it on Thursday night (after my run clinic).

Aquarium Sleepover: November 22

My Sparks are a bit too young to sleep over at the Aquarium, but a group of Brownies and Guides needed extra leaders this weekend, so I get to tag along. This is something I never got to do as a girl, so I’m excited to crossing it off my bucket list now.

Making it out to a Sunday Run Club with my run clinic: November 24 (and ongoing)

With the craziness in the last few weeks, I haven’t yet made it out for a Sunday long run at the Running Room since my clinic started.

Hills: November 27 (and ongoing)

Call me crazy, but I’m looking forward to starting hill training with the run clinic next week. This is the point in the clinic where I got really sick last time, so I only made it to the first and last two sessions of hills. I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of difference the full dose of hill training makes!

VEGAS! November 28-Dec 1

My BFF Jess is getting married in March, so her mom organized a trip to Las Vegas! I’m really excited to go back to Vegas, and to experience it this time with some of my closest girlfriends. (Last time I was there it was a “field trip” for our civil engineering grad class, so I was there with my boys.) I’m looking forward to eating and drinking and dancing and exploring and shopping and lounging by the pool. (And running the last three days of my November run streak.) But first I need to go shopping. I think I need some new “going out” clothes.

Unfortunatelythis means I’m going to miss the Ugly Sweater Run, which sounds like so much fun. (And numerous other fun things happening that weekend, but I have no right to complain!)

The whole Christmas season

The Starbucks red cups are out, I’ve had my first gingerbread latte, and I’ve already watched Love Actually once, but now that camp is over I can start thinking about shopping, baking, holiday parties and all of that fun stuff. I’m looking forward to getting a (fake) Christmas tree this year – last year our living room was all displaced because we were dealing with water leaking in through the wall, so we didn’t bother with a tree.

Mmm, gingerbread latte

Mmm, gingerbread latte

And now, I have to drag myself out on a run in the rain. I’m certainly not looking forward to that.

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