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It’s been almost five months since my last post. I fell out of the habit of writing, and then as I went longer without writing it seemed harder and harder to get back into it. Luckily, the internet is full of wonderful people who keep us honest, and Cori (Read.Write.Run.Mom.) nominated me to answer the following questions. (I’m cheating, I’m not going to nominate anyone else, but you successfully got me to post again!)

What is one training tip you have heard that has dramatically changed the way you run?

“You can’t run too slow on Sundays.” I’m not sure that dramatically is the right word, but I was able to relax a lot more on my long runs once I stopped worrying so much about the pace.

If you could run any race in the world, which race would you choose and why?

I have a growing race bucket list, though I haven’t thought too much about any far away races yet, but I would love to run the San Francisco Marathon. My dad ran the San Francisco Marathon in 1980 and I think it would be really cool to do it too! (I will learn from his mistakes and not run in new shoes!)

What inspired you to start your blog?

I started this blog when I started training for my second half marathon because I wanted somewhere I could keep track of how things were going. Since starting it, I’ve started reading more and more running blogs and love the community of local running bloggers, though I definitely read more than I contribute.

Describe your favourite running route in a way that would make me want to run it with you.

My favourite running route is one that someone else plans and leads so that I don’t have to think about it, just follow them.

But if left to my own devices for a long run, I’ll head west from my house to Science World (about 3k). From there, I usually run along the north side of False Creek. On a nice day it involves lots of walker-passing, bike-avoiding, kid- and dog-dodging, but it keeps me on my toes. Under the Cambie Street Bridge there is a basketball court where on multiple occasions there have been unicycle hockey games. (I kid you not.) Then it’s along Yaletown, past David Lam Park and towards the Granville Street and Burrard Street Bridges. If I’m doing a shorter run, I’ll usually cross one of the bridges and loop back around the other side to Science World. If it’s a longer run, I’ll carry right on along the seawall towards Stanley Park. A huge network of trails within the park means I can tailor a run through the park to just about any distance. A 20 km run would take me all the way around the park on the seawall and back to Coal Harbour. I almost never finish my long runs at home. Instead, I plan most of my routes to end at a Skytrain station and take transit home. It means that I get to see more of the scenic part of the run.

False Creek summer sunset

False Creek summer sunset

How did you meet your best running friend?

Though I’m not sure we’ve ever actually been for a run together, my running bestie is my roommate, travel buddy, partner-in-crime, co-Guider and chauffeur Pippa. We run at quite different paces, which for some people might be a deal breaker, but we’ve figured out some pretty good strategies for running “together” independently.

Pippa & Kirky - Sun Run 2013

Pippa & Kirky – Sun Run 2013

We met through Girl Guides when I was in Grade 11 (she was on a council with my BFF), and when she moved to Vancouver in 2011, we happened to be looking for a roommate. 3.5 years later, we still live together (in our third location).

(I’m still on the market for a good running friend to run with.)

What inspired you to start running?

At first it was a sense of obligation – I felt like I should run, since I’m a soccer player and needed to be more active on my own outside of practices and games. Then I felt like if I was running, I could do better – I could run the Sun Run faster than that. I could run a half marathon. I could run a half marathon faster (and without hurting myself). And before I knew it, I’d fallen in love with running and it was something I wanted to keep doing.

What other hobbies do you have that you might not mention on your blog?

I’m sure I’ve mentioned lots of these before, but I play soccer, I’m a Sparks Guider (youngest branch of Girl Guides), I’m a soccer fan (go Whitecaps!), a hockey fan (go Canucks?), I like to cook and love to eat, I watch a lot of TV and movies, I crochet sporadically, I like to camp and hike.

Which of your races this year are you most excited about and why?

I’m really excited for three Rock’n’Roll races with Pippa: Portland 10k, Seattle half, and the brand new Vancouver half. We had already signed up for Seattle and Vancouver when they announced the special edition Cascadia medal for running Portland, Seattle and Vancouver. We signed up for Portland hours later. I’m excited for the road trips, excited that the Portland 10k and Vancouver half are inaugural races, excited that we get so much bling, excited that the Portland medal is a bottle opener.

What is your favourite healthy snack that almost feels sinful?

I tend to hit the extremes of snacking: they’re either healthy and boring, or just plain sinful. I should probably work on that. (Let me know what I’m missing out on!)

What quote or song (or both) inspires you most in your running?

The first time I did a half marathon clinic, one of the instructors rewrote the lyrics to “Inner Ninja” by Classified for us. While I don’t have Liz’s version, the original is on my running playlist and I always think about her version when I hear it.


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  1. LOVE IT! Thanks for playing along! 🙂 I’m always happy to learn more about my favourite tweeps! 🙂

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