What an awesome weekend

I had an absolutely fabulous weekend. Friday night was the aquarium sleepover, then Saturday I had a very relaxing afternoon and evening involving a run, laundry, a haircut, movies and snuggles. I didn’t even make dinner. I had oatmeal and a bowl of almonds. It was wonderful.

This morning Pippa and I got up bright and early to head to the Running Room for our Sunday long runs. (It’s even better when your roommate is also doing a clinic and drives you there!!) It was nice to finally run with a group this weekend. 9k goes by so much faster when there are people to chat with and you don’t have to do the thinking.

When we got home we tag-teamed breakfast: bacon, eggs, toast, veggies and coffee. We each had a shower and then it was time to head to BC Place to see the Canadian women’s national team take on Mexico. It was loads of fun to stand in the supporters’ section and cheer throughout the game. It would have been MORE fun to see the team play the way they can and score a few goals, but they played to a scoreless draw.

After the game, I headed back to Port Moody for my own soccer game. It was our first cup game – we play three round robin games throughout the season before the knockout starts. We were up against a team we hadn’t played before. They’re undefeated in regular league games with 40 goals for and 9 against.  They were clearly expecting to beat us, and were none to pleased when we beat them 3-2. Go team!

Now I’m lying in bed, rushing to get this post out before midnight. I am going to sleep well tonight!

November 24

Blog post: Late, but here it is
Run: 9k this morning


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