Three things Thursday – run streak timing, pants shopping and fruits & veggies

1. I’m loving the timing of this run streak

As much as November is a crazy month and it may have been easier to fit in runs in a different month, the timing is kind of perfect. The fact that I’m busy means that the streak is forcing me to do lots of runs I normally would have (somewhat fairly) chosen to skip. Also – all of this running has done wonders for some of the extra pounds of me I’ve been carrying around for the last few months when I wasn’t running nearly as much. I’m feeling trim and toned and confident right before this trip to Vegas, and before the busy dressing-up-for-holiday-parties season. Even my arms are looking pretty good! (I don’t work out my arms, ever.)

2. I hate it when…

…you work your butt off getting fit and then the “reward” for your hard work is that NONE OF YOUR PANTS FIT! I mean, it’s awesome that first time you’re like, “Wow, these pants are looser than they used to be!” But then reality sets in and your clothes look frumpy and you have to go on the horrific errand that is shopping for dress pants. Or (*shudder*) bathing suits. Luckily I think I can continue to tie the back of my bathing suit tighter for a little while longer.

3. I need to eat more fruits and vegetables

Without meaning to, I seem to do a pretty good job of eating fruits and veggies that are in season. In the summer I seem to exist only on fresh veggies some weeks. And then fall comes around and my favourite veggies disappear, or triple in price, or just start to look gross and all of a sudden I find myself not eating as many vegetables as I should. I think I need some new ideas for root vegetables. (Any recipe suggestions??) The only fruit I’m eating regularly are the berries on my oatmeal every morning.


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